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Stormpaintress Saga Vol 1
By Odysseus G. Osborne
This volume contains the first three books of the saga. Detailing the arrival of the Blue Lord Vorgentah Panzerhand and the Green Lady Cymbria Carmundaw on an ancient and crumbled ruin of a world as they traverse the great spacial divide. Their aim was to find solitude and some bliss, to begin anew after countless years of conflict on the old world of their origin. They soon find their peace shattered; there before them is a fractured land needing restoration and rescue from the domination of evil overlords and forces beyond their imagination. Freeing the people of the Isles of Siriol, their thread of fate explodes into epic quests and finally, a full scale military conquest unearthing the strangeness of the unfamiliar realm. From their first meeting with Pelek, a spirit of the mountains to the return of the great Lysidril The Faerie Throne, the quest is detailed and memorable. Volume One contains the novels "Ymerodres" (Empress), Siglacol (Kissing Stones) and Lysidril which essentially completes the inception phase of the Stormpaintress Saga, an ongoing and evolving work.
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